Saturday, April 9, 2011

Donations To Buy Chick Tracts and Spread the Word

I've written about Chick Tracts before, and I'm going to do so again now, because I believe these little tracts are an amazing tool for witnessing to people.  They say things in just the right way and are great for leaving behind at restaurants, in library books, on bus stop benches, in a grocery isle, or just to hand out to people on the street or when you go door knocking.  

One of my favorite ways to send out tracts is at Halloween at the front door.  I set tracts in the bowl with the candy and before I can even stick candy in the kids' bags they're asking me, "What are those?  Are those comic books?  Can I have one of those instead of candy?"  What a great way to witness to children and even their families.

Chick tracts are small and easy to carry in a purse or pocket, they're cheap (currently 16 cents per tract, or $4 for a package of 25 tracts), and they're easy to hand out.  People are curious when they see them sitting on a table or bench somewhere, and pick them up to read.  This may be the one time in their life that they get witnessed to.

When I lived in the dorms at my school I found a Chick tract one day on a table in the school library and took it back to my room.  I was a Student Success Mentor at the time so I had a pin board outside my door in the hallway, and I pinned it up.  Every day I would come back to my room to find the tract gone, and later it would reappear again.  Who knows how many people were witnessed to by that one tract, and who knows how many people you can witness to by even passing out one little tract... they're small and they do travel from person to person!

My personal favorites because of their simplicity are the following tracts which you can view online for free:

Charlie's Ants - Great for kids or adults
One Way - So simple, and can be given to someone who speaks another language
Set Free - This one is my personal favorite
Something in Common - Another simple and easy to read tract

For a complete list of tracts you can view them all HERE.  Some can even be ordered in Spanish, Chinese, and many other languages.

I would very much like to be able to order these every month and hand them out year long, not just on Halloween or random other times throughout the year, but unfortunately am unable at present due to lack of finances.

I would like to ask then for donations to my PayPal account for any amount so that I can go online and purchase these tracts and start spreading the Word.  Remember, one tract only costs 16 cents, so if 16 people donated a penny, that's a tract to spread the gospel, and you'd be a part of that even though I'd be the one handing them out with my husband, daughter, and our Bible study group.

Donations are made via the little donate button below, through PayPal.  PayPal is secure and you can donate with mastercard, visa, or other methods.  There is also a section for you to write us a note if you so desire so that you can specify that the money is for the purchase of Chick tracts.
The four types of tracts I will be purchasing are listed above, but again are Charlies' Ants, Set Free, One Way, and Something in Common, but if you prefer that your donated money only go to one of these titles, then you can let me know that also in the note area when making a donation.  Example note: "Please use this $4 to purchase a pack of the 'Charlie's Ants' tracts and hand them out for me."

We will be keeping you updated via the blog with how many tracts we purchase via donations to the PayPal, how and when they've been handed out, and to whom (general, such as: handed out on Monday to College Students, or our Bible group handed them out while door knocking on Saturday, or Bible group handed them out at the fourth of July fair to families).

We appreciate any and all help you can give us.  All tracts will be labeled on the back with the CBSB website address, and optionally your first name if you let us know via the donation box.  Example of what the back of the tracts would say: "Visit our website at  This tract given to you in love by Peter"... or Sue, or Bob, or whatever you wish us to put.

Don't be afraid to buy some tracts for yourself as well, and hand them out to people or leave them around town.

Thanks again for your love and support!



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