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About Getting to Heaven/Escaping Hell
The Good Person Test
Salvation: Our Gateway to Heaven
Salvation Flash Animation
This Hand Video
Jesus TV Video
Salvation: Where you go when you die Video
This Year Video
What you need to know about Sin
Salvation Comic Tracts (fun and easy to read!)

About God's Word
Having Confidence in the Bible
KJV vs. Other Bible Versions
Where to look in the Bible

Evolution: A Scientists Religion
Inaccuracies of Carbon Dating
The Truth About Red Shift
Evolution: Fact or Fiction
Institute of Creation Research
Science and the Bible
Evolution mini-series (see below)

Question and Answer Section
About Heaven
About Hell
About God
About the Bible (see section above About God's Word)
About Prayer
About Sin
About Different Religions
About Salvation
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Q&A on common criticisms of God, Christianity, or the Bible


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