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Here you will find a variety of things to help you during Bible study.  Everything from online Bible to maps, to timelines, and more!  Please note that all resources on this page are FREE.

Bibles KJV
Download KJV Bible Program (this is the program I use and it's easy and wonderful.  It has search tools and lexicons, concordances, book select, etc.  Very helpful!) (Note, you now download this directly from my account.  The previous website that had it went offline).   This file is 15.7mb. Click image for larger preview of what the program looks like.
Please note that I did not create this Bible program, but it is freeware, free for all to use.

Online KJV Bible
KJV Bible by book type
Parallel Bible online (compare bibles verse by verse)

Bible Toolbox by Authentic Walk Ministries

Study Tools
Websters 1828 Dictionary online(tells you what words meant when they translated the KJV)
Strong's Concordance Online
Bible Maps online (wonderful program to show you where you are reading about)
God's Yellow Pages (where to find it in the Bible)
Timeline of Jesus
Hebrew Alphabet
Greek Alphabet

More Study Links
J Vernon McGee Commentaries in MP3 Format
Science and the Bible
Flash Bible Studies


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