Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami 2011 - Let's Pray

There are more than 630 reported deaths and at least 10,000 people reported missing since the earthquake and Tsunami on March 11, 2011.  People's homes have been swept away and burned down, their economies damaged, their livelihoods destroyed.

It's events like this that the devil uses to make people say, "Why would God do this?"  The devil wants to lead people away from the Lord and cause Christians to falter.  But this can be used to God's glory.

Pray for the people lost to this disaster, the people affected by the devastation, and that their lives can be rebuilt on the foundation of God.  Let's pull together as God's people and pray for healing, rebuilding, and the glory of God to shine through this all.  Glorify God through your prayers for these people and with your actions.  It may not be possible to go to Japan and help clean up, or go to the other nations hit and help rebuild, but just like Haiti, there will be orphaned children that need help, and there will be places to send funds to to get clean food and water, first aid and missionaries into the field to help those affected.

Dear Lord, please help all of those affected not only in Japan but also around the world.  Please help them to rebuild their lives on the rock that is Christ, to heal after their losses, to rebuild their economies.  You know more than we do what their needs are Lord, please help them and help us all to glorify your name Lord.  In your holy name Jesus, Amen.

The prayer doesn't stop there.  Keep praying, keep doing whatever we can to help.



  1. Amen. We should be praying without ceasing according to the Bible. Just think right now, they live on an island... their entire water supply is probably damaged and unusable. I'm sure they'll have problems getting clean drinking water and food, not to mention cleaning up their cities and villages. There's bound to be an outbreak of disease too with all of the dead bodies. And it's bound to be difficult for the people who survive and who have lost loved ones. Thank you for encouraging us all to pray and shine the light on God.

  2. I pray God uses this tragedy to bring many souls to himself.


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