Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scholar Contest!

It's time for another giveaway!

This month we're starting a scholar contest.  What's a scholar contest?  The name we've decided to give to any contest where we give away books on the Bible or Christianity that will help you learn and grow as a Christian.  Cool huh?

This being the first scholar contest, it will be the easiest.  The prize?  Check out the blue book in the picture.  A brand new, sealed copy of The Answer Book: A Helpbook For Christians, by Th.D. Samuel C. Gipp.

Personally I love Gipp's books.  They're always clear, concise, easy to understand, enjoyable to read, and full of factual information with references so you can look up the information he gives you.

This particular book has 62 common questions and answers new and sometimes seasoned Christians ask about the King James Bible and controversy surrounding it.  Examples of a few of the questions answered in the Q & A format are:

#4 What about the archaic words?
#8 Where do Bible manuscripts come from?
#29 Can a translation be inspired?
#38 Is the New King James Version an improvement?
#40 Is the NIV trustworthy?
#48 Wasn't the Textus Receptus named after 1611?

What to do to win?
Simple, just post a comment below to this post and tell me three things you'd like to see a study or article on in the future of this site.  Ideas could be a specific set of scriptures, a certain book, a specific topic, something in Christian news, something in Christian life today, or anything else having to do with the Word of God.

This contest is twofold.  One: somebody wins this awesome book just by giving their opinion.  Two: people who leave a comment below are telling us what they want to see written about on this blog in the future.

This contest runs until Saturday March 26, 2011 at 11:59 pm.  Whoever has posted 3 ideas below will be entered into a drawing.  The first person who's name is drawn wins.

P.S. Be sure to post after you've signed into your Blogger or Google account so that I know who to give the prize to.  I will post the winner on March 27, 2011, and that person has one week to contact me with details of where to send the book, or else the next person drawn will get it.

** RECAP **

The Prize is: A brand new copy of "The Answer Book" by Dr. Samuel C. Gipp, Th.D.

To win: Sign into your Google or Blogger account, and post a comment below with 3 things you'd like to see written about on this blog.

Watch: for the winner to be posted on Sunday March 27, 2011.

Please note: We can only ship the book to an address within the USA.  Winner must be able to receive the prize in the US.  Thanks.

Looking forward to seeing your answers in the comment below!

Until then, blessings!


  1. Sounds like a book I'd like to read and a fun contest. I'm in.

    Three things I'd like to see posted on this blog...

    1) Something on proverbs. I've been really into that book lately.

    2) Maybe something on how to choose a church?

    3) I love the resources you have up there for us. Maybe you could find more? I saw a video on chinese symbols in the bible once but never could find the site again. I'd love to see that up here. It was something about the Bible being proven through chinese letters I think.

    Thanks again for the contest. Hope I win. Chiao.

  2. 1-A Bible study on anything in the book of Revelations would be wonderful! I always struggle with this part of the Bible.

    2-Something on Godly women in the modern career world. It can be really hard to pick a career as a women while still following God's Word.

    3-Maybe ideas on how to get college aged people involved in the Church. Ways to make Bible studies into something people in their 20s can relate to after growing up in a secular world.

    Keep up the amazing work. God Bless you!

  3. There needs to be study first on the essential doctrines, therefore, a form of systematic theology presenting ALL Scriptures having to do with any given doctrine; redemption, regeneration, justification, sanctification, etc.

    Any other non-essential doctrines or viewpoints concerning eschatology, how spiritual gifts are distribuated, women in the church, etc.


  4. truly said Something on Godly women in the modern career world. It can be really hard to pick a career as a women while still following God's Word.


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