Thursday, January 27, 2011

First 2011 Contest! $25 Zazzle gift certificate!

CBSB Review Contest

You've read some posts, hit the follower button, perhaps made a comment here or there.  So what's next?  A free gift certificate to perhaps?  That's right, you can win a free zazzle gift certificate for $25, good towards any item on zazzle in just a few simple steps!

Introducing CBSB's first contest of 2011!

So what do you need to do to win this baby?  It's simple really:

1) Post a review of CBSB on your own blog and link back to it in a comment below.  You are encouraged to write your own honest opinions of this blog.  The top five reviewers will have their names placed in a hat and the first one drawn at random will be e-mailed a gift certificate to!

Minimum review requirements:
  • The review should be at least 200 words long.
  • All reviews need to be spell checked and have good grammar.
  • Reviews should look somewhat professional.
  • At least one review required.
Tips for being in the top 5 reviewers:
  • One or more pictures of the blog on the review looks nice.
  • A summary and general description of the site goes a long way.
  • Listing some of the resources available might be a good thing.
  • Give your own opinion of the site and why you like it.
  • Add a link back to this site.  The more links in your review to various parts of CBSB, the better.
  • You can post reviews in different places: Ex. 1 review on your own personal blog, 1 review on your facebook or myspace account, a review in a blog forum or other similar medium. (The more the better).
Other notes: Any review with profanity (cussing) will automatically be disqualified.  Also, no spamming is allowed.  Please do not post reviews of this site on other people's blogs in the comment section. When you post reviews on other people's sites (such as forums) be sure to be respectful, and post in the appropriate place.

Contest detail review:
  1. This contest runs from January 27, 2011 - Feburary 27, 2011 at 11:59 pm.
  2. Following the above minimum guidelines, post a minimum of one review on your own personal blog or other site, and then post the direct link from that review back to this post with your name and e-mail address.
  3. The top 5 reviewers will have their names drawn at random, and the first name drawn will be the winner.
  4. The winner will be contacted via the e-mail they provided.  The winner will also be posted on this site.

What can you buy at  All kinds of goodies, ranging from a variety of T-shirts, hats, bags, posters, skateboards, business cards, mugs, shoes, iphone cases, and much more!  Check it out, and take a look at some examples HERE of things on made by CBSB!

Will my e-mail be used to spam me?  No.  Your e-mail will not be displayed or given to anybody and we will never send you any e-mail aside from one notifying you that you won this prize. Comments on this blog are moderated, meaning when you submit a comment CBSB will see it but other readers of the blog will not because we will not post it live to the Blog.

Good luck and blessings!


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