Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book Review: This Is Your Brain In Love by Earl Henslin

Perhaps you're looking to improve your troubled relationship?  Or maybe put some fire into your love life?  Or you might possibly be one of the "blessed few" who are already happy and just want to stay that way.  Whatever your motivation, "This is your brain in love" by Dr. Earl Henslin is one of those books that is informative and enjoyable to read alone, or better yet with your spouse.

Many marriage or self help books give you a look into inner feelings, prescribe homework, or try to deliver some pop psychology, but Earl Henslin strives to go a step further and give you meaningful, useful information about the inner workings of your biggest love organ, the brain.  With 5 different tests, numerous examples, charts, and lists, he helps you to identify what type of love style you are, and ways to improve for a healthy marriage and a healthy soul.  He wants every couple to become "master lovers" and learn how to be intimate in not only a physical and emotional way, but also a spiritual way.

What I liked: While a lot of information is presented, it is still an enjoyable read for you and your spouse.  Information is presented with real life examples from the author's practice, as well as examples of what it means to have one type of brain vs. another.  Aside from helping you to identify what type of brain you have, Henslin goes a step further and gives you tips on how to improve the health of your brain, and therefore the health of your love life.

What I didn't like: I only had two complaints about this book and they are both minor.  First, as a reader of my blog you know how I take issue with Bibles that are not King James.  That being said, the few scriptures in this bible are NIV, NKJV, or the Message.  As scripture is not a main piece of this book however, it was not a major issue for me.  Secondly, the print in my paperback copy was a bit small.  Even one point higher would have made it more enjoyable to read.  Some people do not mind smaller print, but I guess I have become accustomed to a larger font.  Other than these two things, the book really is a great one and worth the read.

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