Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chinese Symbols Prove the Bible

Often when people struggle with questions of faith such as, "Is God real?" we as Christians don't know where to direct them except the Bible, which is our final authority.  When someone isn't even sure if God is real however, it may be hard for them to trust the Bible at that point.  Where else can we direct them then?  How about historical evidence?

Check out this site HERE that shows how the Bible can be proven through Chinese symbols.  This site claims that Chinese is the oldest language (possible not) but even so it is old, and Chinese write with symbols that have meaning rather than with letters that spell words.  Some of their symbols show creation, God, the fall of man, and much more that you will find in God's Word.  Very cool, so take a look!



  1. That is very interesting. Thanks!

  2. As a Chinese man myself, I have to say this doesn't seem altogether accurate. Perhaps it is due to the modernization of the language (which seems strange, since the words I do recognize are written in modern format), but the character shown here for "alive" is actually just an accent mark. An object's characteristic of living is almost always described by "活" or "生", the former meaning "to live" in the active infinitive and the latter meaning "birth" or "life" as an abstract concept.

    The third character, "person" is actually joined in the center, looking like “人”. What is presented there is actually a phonetic marking for "er" from our phonics training. The reason it cannot be the two strokes on the bottom of the final character is not only this, but also because the introduction of one word as part of another, similar to the English concept of root words, is called a "radical", and looks more like the left portion of "仁". The two horizontal lines are the other half of the word, and the thing on the left is the radical equivalent to "man" of this word.

    I hope this helps!

  3. While it is interesting to look and think about things like this, it all seems a bit contrived. Owen's critique above, on the validity of the characters used, shows to me that the creator of the article was not true to the subject and had an agenda.

    Interesting thoughts but for me they don't hold water.

  4. Thank you for the comments everybody. While I am not Chinese, nor do I know the language and cannot hope to interpret these things for myself, I do know that the language itself (many different dialects in China) as well as the symbols have been changed from time to time, just as spelling and meanings of words in the English language change from time to time. While I can't know for sure, I'm thinking that the people who made the slide show were using ancient Chinese symbols rather than the modern ones people use today.

    Thanks again for the comments! Blessings!

  5. It is much clearer in the original oracle bone symbols. The example given here is not the most striking. The words for boat, I think - a vessel with eight people (mouths) and for God or heaven (with three mouths!) are certainly thought-provoking, as are a few involving trees.

  6. think this over, are you honestly basing your entire system of beliefs on what a few irrelevant symbols mean?

  7. At anonymous: No I'm not basing my entire belief system on these symbols. I base my belief system from the Bible. I saw this powerpoint and thought it was interesting and so decided to share with others. Even if it turned out that this powerpoint was completely wrong, that doesn't mean my faith in God or the Bible would change at all.

  8. For those of you who don't get it, you have to look at traditional Chinese characters, not the simplified that the Communists created recently.

  9. I was able to verify most of these things from the website (got that from my Chinese class at UC-Irvine)

    couldn't figure out "alive" and "garden" but I author proves his point even with just 1/2 of this.


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