Monday, January 10, 2011

Church Service Online

Are you in a remote area where you are unable to attend church?  Perhaps you just haven't found a church home yet, or there are other reasons that you are unable to attend.  So why not spend Sunday morning watching an church service online?

HERE is a link to a Bible believing church that broadcasts all of their services.  This link takes you to an archive of services where you can watch a video of the full service (and I mean full, from music and greeting to message).  On their home page is a button entitled: "Watch Sunday Service" where they broadcast more recent services from beginning to end.  Obviously you can fast forward through music service and announcements if you feel the need to.

As always, it is still important to read and study your bible, but it is also nice to attend services, even if online, for in depth Bible study.

Enjoy, and blessings!


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