Monday, August 23, 2010

New Look

You may have noticed our little blog took on a new look recently.  Blogger has revamped it's design abilities and we have taken advantage to make our blog sleek and nice to look at.  We have also added many new studies and posts, and there are more to come!  For a while studies were getting posted on another blog, but I am beginning to upload them here for you to enjoy.

A Note to Commentors:
Please keep in mind that we like comments, but are not here to argue and do not want hate mail or spam listing your website.  All comments should be kept child friendly as we aim to have a child friendly site.  Any comments with spam, hate mail, or cussing will be deleted immediately.  Recently we have been bogged down with hate mail especially.  To those of you wish to leave hate mail, let me say this: I respect your right to disagree with my opinion, the Bible, or any other Christian values or beliefs I post here.  However, I do not need to hear your disagreement of my values, my God, or the things contained in the Bible.  If you don't want to read Christian articles, then please go to another site instead of coming around our blog aimed at Christians, and trying to sway our beliefs by telling us how wrong and ignorant we are.  I don't go to your blog and hate on your material and try to sway you.

Sorry that the rest of you had to read that bit about commenting, but it gets tiring trying to respond to hate mail every day.

I hope you all enjoy the new look and the new posts!  Many more articles will soon be on their way!

Have a blessed day!


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