Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Resources!

We've been hitting the net pretty hard, and now have links to many new resources (now posted on CBSB on the right hand side of the page).
Under: Bible Study Links:
1) One of these sites is called It has excellent flash animations going over church history, Jonah, Hosea, and Ephesians. I have a feeling many more flash movies/flash Bible studies will be posted on the site.

2) will take you to an awesome site that combines Google Maps with Bible History, allowing you to see maps of where certain verses of the Bible take place. It shows you cities and nations spoken about in the Bible. A great tool to aid you in your study of the Bible.

3) (Compare Bibles) will lead you to a site where you can read any passage of the Bible in a side by side view, where you can choose to view two different versions of the Bible at the same time.

4) God's Yellow Pages is a phone book... of sorts. Instead of giving you numbers to call, it tells you where to look in the Bible to find out about things like: Being Anxious, Backsliding, Being Discouraged, Leaving Home, Being Sick, Being Worried, Having Endurance, Being Angry, Going through Divorce, Being Greedy, and much more.

Under: Other Christian Resources
1) Apologetics: A Reasoned Defense of Christianity. Learn how to defend your faith.

2) Comparison of Denominations is a chart showing you the main differences in beliefs between several mainstream Christian denominations. You must scroll partway down the page to get to the comparison chart.

A whole slew of new things has been added under the "Just for Kids" section... well, heck, the Just for Kids Section is new too, lol. We've been thinking about a "Just for Kids Page," but it will have to wait a little while until we get a better handle on the "For Non-Believers" page.

Check back for more updates and more newly added Bible study tools!



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