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Welcome to the tour of Christian Bible Study Blog, also known as CBSB!

This is a basic rundown of the site for newcomers to orient you with CBSB and where things are located. FYI, new links, posts, polls, videos, and bible studies are always being added to this site, but in general the site layout remains the same.

CBSB Pages:
To start off, I'd like to show you that CBSB has a main page (the page you just came from), a Video page, a Bible Trivia page, a Christian Poetry page, and a page specifically for non-believers and new Christians. Links to all CBSB pages can be found on the top right hand side of not only the main page, but also on every CBSB page. (See picture below).

Bible Study Links:
Also on the right hand side of the page, and below the links to other CBSB Pages, are a list of Bible study links, which include links to other pages with valuable resources meant to help you while studying the Bible. (see image below).
Other Christian Resources Links:
Below the Bible study links on the right hand side of the page are other links labeled "Other Christian Resources." These are links that are not necessarily "Bible study" oriented, but are interesting and sometimes helpful links relating to other aspects of Christianity. Some of the links include links to an online Christian radio station, a Salvation flash animation, a link to a Christian forum site, and several other links. Often links that you will find in blogs about evolution and carbon dating and other Christian blogs and online magazines will also appear here. Note: All links placed on CBSB are links to free sites... CBSB does not advertise for any site, but does aim to bring sites with useful, factual, and correct information to you. (see picture below).
Links for Non-Believers:
Just below the "Christian Resources links" you will find links "For Non-Believers." These are links for people who do not know God, do not know Jesus Christ as their personal savior, or do not believe or trust in God. They are meant to answer questions and to provide useful information. These links include links to articles on Creation vs. Evolution, as well as articles about knowing God and becoming saved. Whether you are a non-believer yourself, or are having trouble leading somebody to Christ, they are definitely worth taking a look at. (See picture below).

Now that we've covered links to other sites, or other portions of CBSB (all on the right hand side of the page), let's take a look at links to articles from the main CBSB page.

CBSB Faith Statement:
On the top left hand side of the page just below the "welcome to CBSB" statement, you'll find a link to something called "CBSB's statement of faith." This "statement of faith" contains CBSB's personal views on God, the Bible, the holy trinity, Jesus Christ, Salvation, and a few other things. It outlines in detail (including scriptures for support) the things most people would want to know before trusting an online Bible study source. Feel free to browse through the statement of faith, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (See picture below).

CBSB Bible Studies:
Below the Faith statement on the left hand side are links to "CBSB Bible Studies." These are for the most part, commentaries on specific books of the Bible, but not always. Sometimes we take an in depth look at what the scriptures in the Bible say about things like prayer, speaking in tongues, etc... and these are also under the "CBSB Bible study" links. Note: Sometimes for larger books of the bible, studies are split up by book and chapter for easier reading. All are clearly marked in the title, and within the post. (See picture below).

CBSB's Most Interesting Articles:
Under the links to CBSB bible studies are links to CBSB's most interesting articles. Many articles are posted on CBSB's main page, but not all contain article worthy content. For instance, sometimes when changes are being made to the site, or a new link is added, an article is posted detailing information about it. Articles with content relating to controversial issues, evolution, salvation, conversions, different types of bibles, etc, are listed under "CBSB's best most interesting articles," so that you don't have to go searching through the entire site's archive. (See picture below).

CBSB Archive:
If you do want to take a look at our archive (a list of every article posted by CBSB, sorted by year and month, feel free to take a look by clicking on the little green arrows to the left of each date and month. There are still many worthy articles and things worth taking a look at in the archive. (See picture below).

Other Features of CBSB:
Now that we've got links thoroughly covered, let's have a look at some of the site's other features. On the right hand side of the page, under all of the links you will find a Bible toolbox. This is a great tool where you can type in a scripture, a quote from the Bible, a Christian related phrase or word, or something you want to find a picture of, then select the source you want searched. The toolbox will find many interesting things for you to look at based on the topic and search parameters chosen. (See picture below).

Throughout the site, as well as on each CBSB page, you will find polls related to the site, or to other Christian topics/issues. You can only vote once per computer. These are a great way for CBSB and other readers to get an idea of how other people feel, or what other people think . We'd love to know your opinions! (See picture below).
Daily Bible Verse:
Towards the bottom of the page under the CBSB posts you will find a white module with a daily bible verse from the KJV bible. These are updated automatically. (See picture below). At the top of the page there is a thought/quote of the week (10 day week) posted by CBSB, right above the main article section. Instead of one verse from the bible, there are generally 2-4 related verses all relating to the same thing.

New posts themselves can be found in the center of the page between the links and polls on the left and right hand side. These posts are arranged by order of newest (most recently posted) first (at the top). If you scroll down to the bottom of the last post on the main page, you will find a link to "older posts". The page is set to display a certain number of posts (articles) per page. Once you have reached the end of the set amount, click on "older posts" to view more articles. Another good way to view all CBSB articles is to visit the Archive (see above for information about the CBSB archive). (See picture below).

We love to hear from readers. Whether it's to hear your score on a bible trivia quiz, or to hear your opinion about the site or a specific article/issue, or to hear your questions, we want to know what you think. Comments from all users has been enabled for CBSB, so you don't need to have a Blogger account to leave a comment. Simply click on the "0 comment" link at the bottom of an article you wish to discuss to leave us a comment. (See picture below). Once you have clicked on that link, you will be brought to a comment form, where you can leave us your comment! (See picture below).

Comment Form:
In-post Links:
Occasionally you will find links to other articles or sites in an article. The links are generally a different color, and like all other links, all you need to do is click the word "here" or the link below the discussed topic to be taken to the next page. (See picture below).

We hope you find CBSB a useful site, functional site with correct information. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for how we can make the site better, or for things you would like to see added to the site, feel free to e-mail us at

God bless!



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