Sunday, November 25, 2007

J. Vernon McGee

For any Christians out there, or well... anybody else who's interested, I found a site where you can download the full MP3 version of all of J. Vernon McGee's Bible commentaries on the KJV. It's part of his half hour a day (get through the Bible in 5 years) program. The link to the page is here:

It's free to download so long as you don't redistribute or sell without permission. Don't worry about registering, just scroll down the page and click on the link to download whatever book/Bible study you want in MP3 audio format. Old Testament on the left side, New Testament on the right side. I asked for a Microsoft Zune for Christmas, and I figure I'll probably get one, so I want some stuff other than music to stick on there to keep me busy.



  1. Thanks for listing the link. I found it once before but was having a hard time tracking it down again. Your blog ended the search.

    There is also a note near the bottom saying;
    "Please only download only what you intend to actually listen to. You may also help us conserve bandwidth by copying them onto CD or DVD and give them to your friends, just as long as you do not charge them anything for doing this."

    I guess you meant 'redistribute' as in commercially, earning money. I'm planning on telling friends that if they want to listen to the audio, that I'll download it once and distribute (non-commercially) by CD through me.


  2. Hey Alex, thanks for your comment. I'm glad our blog could help you find what you were looking for. That site is not owned by us, and I'm not sure if they meant to 'redistribute commercially' or not.

    God bless!



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