Thursday, November 29, 2007


This term I took an Anthropology 101 class, which basically turned into Evolution 101/God sucks class. I thought it was pretty funny how every day the professor (Professor Powers) went on and on about how Christians were wrong and how once upon a time Catholics murdered scientists and how Evolution was the only way. I am a firm believer that Creationism and Evolution should at the very least, be taught side by side so that people can make the choice for themselves. For the longest time before I was saved, all I believed in was Evolution, because that was all I had ever heard about in public schools. In this class the professor talked about Evolution and Creationism in two very different ways... never giving both sides of the story. When talking about evolution he only have the "good" side of the story, and when talking about God and creationism he only gives the "bad" side of the story, essentially never giving all of the facts for both, only the ones he wanted the class to hear. You can imagine then how funny I thought it was that he said repeatedly that there is no intelligent design, but then how one day in class he said, "Nature knowingly created us this way." I'm not a genius, but that statement sounds a lot like he was saying nature was intelligent and created us the way we are because it knew what it was doing. Evolution then becomes a religion just as much as Christianity does. The following article outlines just a few of the things about Evolution that people like Professor Powers will never tell us. Evolution: Fact or Fiction

Give it a look and decide for yourself.

Another great link to take a look at is a link to this Chick tract: Evolution <-- This lays out a few basic things about evolution in an easy to read/simple to understand comic strip.



  1. Not a genius is an understatement.

  2. Man i always get a laugh reading those tracks. Its no wonder they all get thrown away.


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